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There are so many fast-moving parts when it comes to launching a successful startup that you may have forgotten about (or ignored) the importance of your finances and accounting. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know.

For instance…

Did you know that before you go for funding you need things like:
  • Accurate Financial Records
  • Accrual Method Accounting
  • Employee & Organization Documentation
  • Equity Plans & 409A Valuations
  • A Due Diligence Data Room
  • …and More?

Most founders don’t. We ourselves are founders so we’ve been through it too. We know financials & accounting are often the last thing you have time to think about.

And, that’s why we created Preparing for Funding
The founder's guide to finance & accounting best practices

Download this Guide to get recommended next-steps to take and resources to leverage for:

  • Incorprating your business and creating the proper infrastructure
  • Establishing your cap table
  • Issuing stock to employees
  • Regular and consistent financial reporting
  • Hiring employees
  • Managing HR and payroll
  • Creating a due diligence data room
  • Accrual accounting
  • Collecting Revenue

It outlines everything you need to do to get your startup ready for funding.

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